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canstockphoto0009923There is NO CURE for old age, but many diseases can be prevented or treated successfully with early detection. It is much easier to prevent a problem than treat a fulminating disease. Waiting until a pet’s problem has become severe or debilitating enough to be observed, may not only make a treatment protocol more difficult and costly, but may bring unnecessary pain and discomfort to your loved one. Our hospital’s goal is to make your pet’s life as long and comfortable as possible. This will occur through disease prevention, detection and treatment. Early detection on our part is just as important as your job to help us treat your pet.

We recommend for senior dogs and cats a senior exam and blood screen. This usually begins at 8 years of age. The annual geriatric blood screen entails:

  • blood cell count
  • blood chemistry profile (checks all the organ functions)
  • thyroid check (cats – hyperthyroid, dogs – hypothyroid)
  • urinalysis (help detect early kidney problems, urinary tract dz)

We hope that the geriatric blood screen is normal and if so, this gives us a good normal foundation that we can base future results from. If a problem is detected, other diagnostic tests and instruments may be used. This hospital performs all blood tests, and has an x-ray and ultrasound machine on premise for immediate use.

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