Pet Diagnostic Services

At Palisades Veterinary Hospital, we understand the profound connection between you and your furry family member. Our mission is to provide compassionate and advanced diagnostic services that enhance your pet’s health and give you peace of mind.

veterinarian holding a dog

Pet Health Begins with
Thorough Diagnostic Testing

Our facility offers a wide range of diagnostic tools, including radiology ultrasound and advanced laboratory testing, all tailored to meet your pet’s needs.

Our dedicated veterinarians and technicians specialize in X-rays, ultrasound, urinalysis, fecal examinations, blood chemistry panels, and heartworm testing. We can evaluate kidney and liver function, blood sugar, and electrolytes in minutes. We understand that accurate and timely diagnoses are crucial for effective treatment. With our advanced technology and compassionate approach, we strive to deliver peace of mind to pet owners while ensuring the well-being of their beloved animals. Your pet’s health is our priority, and at Palisades Veterinary Hospital, we’re here to provide the exceptional care and diagnostics your furry family member deserves.

Discover the Benefits of Palisades Veterinary Hospital

Advanced Diagnostic Expertise

Our highly skilled veterinary team specializes in diagnostic services, including radiology and ultrasound, guaranteeing accurate assessments of your pet’s health issues.

Laboratory Testing

From urinalysis to blood chemistry panels and heartworm testing, we offer various diagnostic tests under one roof, saving you time and hassle.

Tailored Care

We understand that every pet is unique. Our diagnostics are customized to meet your pet’s specific needs, ensuring a personalized treatment plan for optimal health outcomes.

Peace of Mind

With Palisades Veterinary Hospital, you can rest easy knowing your pet is in capable hands. Our precise diagnostics and compassionate approach give you confidence in your pet’s care.

Expert Care

Beyond diagnostics, our full-service veterinary hospital offers various treatments and services, ensuring your pet’s health needs are addressed.

Choose Palisades Veterinary Hospital for exceptional diagnostic services and veterinary care, ensuring your furry friend enjoys a long, healthy, and happy life.