Pet Wellness Services

At Palisades Veterinary Hospital, we offer a range of pet wellness services aimed at nurturing the health and happiness of your beloved companions. Our wellness exams stand at the forefront of our commitment to your pet’s well-being.

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Expert Pet Wellness Services

Just as humans benefit from regular check-ups, so do our pets. These examinations are critical in ensuring your furry friend’s longevity and happiness. We delve deep into your pet’s physical health, assessing their heart and lung functions, joints, muscles, hearing, vision, and more. This thorough evaluation allows us to detect any issues early and address them proactively.

As your pet’s needs evolve through different life stages, we’re here to adapt and provide tailored care. Our life stage wellness program is designed to guide your pet through every phase of their journey. With examinations every 6 to 8 months, complete diagnostic care, and nutritional guidance, we ensure your pet enjoys a happy, healthy life at every stage.

Unveiling the Benefits for Your Beloved Companion

Pets age at an astonishing pace, and their well-being is paramount. Our wellness examinations are the cornerstone of pet wellness services at Palisades Veterinary Hospital. We recommend a yearly checkup, equivalent to you visiting a doctor once every 6 to 8 months. During these vital examinations, we leave no stone unturned:

Holistic Evaluation

We assess your pet’s heart, lung functions, joints, muscles, hearing, vision, and more. It’s an in-depth assessment designed to detect any issues early.

Tailored Recommendations

Our experienced veterinarians provide personalized advice on managing your pet’s weight, taking into account their breed and age. A healthy weight equals a happy life.

Peace of Mind

Regular wellness exams offer peace of mind, knowing you’re taking proactive steps to ensure your pet’s happiness and health.