Pet Microchipping

At Palisades Veterinary Hospital, we understand that your pets are more than simply animals; they are cherished friends and members of your family. That is why we provide a vital service that gives pet parents in Orangeburg, NY, peace of mind – microchipping.

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Ensuring Your Pet’s Safe Return Home

Microchipping is not just a pet service; it’s a lifeline that ensures your pet’s safe return home if they ever become lost or wander away. Our experienced veterinarians are trained to expertly implant a tiny microchip beneath your pet’s skin, a process as simple and painless as a routine vaccination.

Each microchip contains a unique identification number registered in a national database. This database is accessible to veterinary hospitals, clinics, and shelters nationwide. When a lost or missing pet is brought to one of these facilities, they use specialized scanners to detect and read the microchip. The information obtained from the microchip is then used to reunite your pet with you.

Why Microchipping Matters for Your Beloved Pet

Instant Identification

A microchip is a tiny device inserted under your pet’s skin, containing a unique identification number. This technology ensures your pet can always be traced back to you, providing peace of mind and a lasting connection between you and your furry friend.

National Database

This national database ensures that your pet’s information is safe and can be accessed quickly by animal shelters, veterinarians, or anyone who finds your lost pet, facilitating a swift reunion no matter where they may wander.

Lost Pets Reunited

Microchipping has brought countless heartwarming reunions, turning potential heartache and worry into joy. It’s a straightforward, low-cost procedure that every responsible pet owner should consider, safeguarding the bond with their furry companion.

Your Pet’s Safety is Our Mission

At Palisades Veterinary Hospital, we believe every pet deserves the chance to find a home. Microchipping is more than a service; it’s an act of love and responsibility. By microchipping your pet, you are taking a significant step toward ensuring their safety and well-being.